Friday, September 22, 2000

Don't you get rather tired of the scare tactics that are constantly being thrown at you from everywhere. What you're suppose to eat one day and then the next day it's OK to eat that. We're all too fat, so exercise. I hate to exercise. Always have and always will. I do enough manual labor around my home to qualify. My really favorite are the ads on TV for the wonderful drugs that can help you, but only if you're healthy. Now "they" have a special wash for your vegetables. A special soap for your hands. Over the many years that I and many of us have eaten in restaurants, I think you would be surprised at some of the things you've ingested and lived! It's a wonder we're not all paranoid.

I just finished reading Sylvia Brownes' book Life on the Other Side. Makes one wonder why on earth one would want to opt to come back to earth. The only thought I have is someone seeing it so wonderous going "Home", would want to leave here and go "Home". The only thing that would possibly stop you from that is anyone taking their own life does not go "Home", but is sent right back. If we chart our complete lives here, before we get here, it seems to me that it would be better to just sit back and accept the good with the bad and know that when we return "Home", we have learned the lessons we set up for ourselves and will not have to come back. Anyone who has a fear of dying should read this book. I've been probably driving my "kids" nuts with looking for signs from my husband that died at 41 years of age from cancer or even my Mother or Father or my very favorite Aunt. Many things were going on here at the house and I mean many, but everyone turned out to be just things that were worn out and had to be repaired or replaced.

This is the year of the Dragon and my Chinese astrology sign is the Dragon. I believe it starts around February 1st. Well, I thought this is my year. Ha. As I said before many negative things kept happening. Some small and some big. Microwave and lights blinking off and on. The cable box kept shutting itself off. Had to replace plumbing from street to house and in the bathroom. And on and on, but except for the money (which my sons helped me with) it all could be taken care of. It finally dawned om me that I'm very lucky cause eventually everything was not that big a deal, it can turn out OK. Just need to hang in there.

Sunday, September 17, 2000

How many houses, cars, clothes, jewelry and /or planes can on need to prove they're a VIP? Actually I'm talking more about our big "stars". They demand such high salaries that the cost of making a movie or TV series is out of sight. Have you noticed that the ads are getting not only longer and the shows shorter on TV. As far as the movies are concerned there aren't that many good ones out there. And personally, I find very little to watch on TV. I think I've watched some of the older movies over and over because of the junk out there. I do not like violence, there's enough of that in the real world. But apparenly many of you out there do, cause they keep making more and more of them. I want something funny to laugh at, please.

And while I'm on the subject of money, the campaign. Millions and millions of dollars as well as the money spent on government so-called necessities. And yet, no one seems to be able to solve the children dying from starvation around the world. No, I don't have the solution either, but it never seems to end. I like to watch the real ER, EMC and police shows and most of the cases handled are caused from drugs, alcohol, shootings and stabbings. Guess who pays for the treatments? But the politicans go after smokers. Yes, I still smoke and will continue. It's my choice and I'm glad I don't have to work anymore and made to feel like a leper to stand outside or in back of the workplace. Everyone that smokes made that choice. The money that the tobacco companies are being made to spend supposidly on the people who run up hospital bills due to smoking; find out what it's really being used for. Being kept pretty quiet. The Californis lottery was to help the schools? etc. etc. I doubt I'll see much change in my lifetime.