Wednesday, October 04, 2000

I wonder if it was something I said? I just read my son's Life Serial and made me wonder whether the following statement opened the flood gates. When I started with my website, I thought it rather dull in comparison to so many other sites I've seen. So, as I'm not that educated in creating a "pretty" site, I asked my son to perhaps create something. Who better? Then I made the remark "never mind no one will be reading it anyway. Actually that's OK with me, as I just enjoy writing my litle piece as much as I enjoy my living alone.

To me, it is so great to do everything for myself. Women would understand this more. I love being retired and "old" cause I can say things, that I did before, and now it's contributed to my age! I can stay up as late as I want, sleep in to whenever. Eat what I want and whenever I want. Don't answer the door or the phone. Wander around my home with or without clothes and no make-up except when in public. Don't want to scare everybody. Stop looking at your waistline knowing you'll never be skinny.

And speaking of skinny, it ain't pretty folks. You may be able to wear gowns worth thousands of dollars without any bra or hose, but it's ugly. Very few woman can pull it off. I really dislike this latest trend of not wearing hose and seeing bony white legs and ugly feet naked.
It's scary to see some of the big "stars" out in public looking like shit. Grundgy!! Ok, you don't need to look like a star on your days off, but Pleeeeze. I'm really getting in a rut. Need to get my thinking away from TV and Movie people. Maybe food, love that stuff. Well, I jumped right back to why do Chefs create dishes that we, the little people, are unable to get the necessary supplies or even want to make that. AND, they have others to cut and dice and cook and clean-up.

Time to get back to my computer games. Won a Digital PC Camera. First thing I've ever won. Fun Fun Fun