Thursday, October 12, 2000

Do you hear it calling? "Play Me" "Play Me". It took me about 12 to 15 years to find anything that would really keep me returning to the computer. Yes, I went to Museums, Arty Places, read up on a lot of things and was referred to another and another and another site until I finally began to find it boring. The chat rooms were full of tennagers trying to sound sexy by suggestion or using what they felt were the grown-up words. Now here this. Somebody got the bright idea to play games night after night to build up points and bid on some very good prizes, Now there are so many thet're falling all over themselves. And then, for the first time in my life I won an Intel Digital PC Camera. Which, I'm not certain how to use yet. The draw back is that I must send a record to someone in order for us to see and talk to each other!!

Now, I have 3 children. And, not because I'm their Mom, but they are all intellegence, smart, have common sense and are downright nice. I like them. I really can't take to much credit for much of this as I was forced to go to work when they were really to young to leave. I'm also not a PTA type. I did teach them to be independent. To say the least, I'm very proud and lucky that they all turned out so well.

My Daughter, Lynne lives in Salem, Ore. She was a mechanic for the bus line there, but as she was getting older, knew she would need to change as the work was getting more difficult. So in her late 40s, she went back to college and managed to step up to a better job with a furnished company car (I believe as a supervisor-don't quote me). Now she tells me she has returned to college to try stepping up further. She and her partner Judy own a 3 bedroom 2 bath home there. It's an older home, but was kept up pretty well. Also has 1/4 acre that they grow everything and I mean everything.

Now my eldest son, Scott, lives and works in San Jose. Has a very good deal sharing a two story house with several other people that is owned by the daughter's parents. For reduced rent and I mean reduced rent he takes care of the yard and the pool. But, that was his job when he lived with me, cause he liked the outdoors. I still have a partial platform in one of the 5 story trees by his then bedroom, that had wires running into his closet for the weather. He started here in Bakersfield on camera giving the weather report (and cracking up). He now works for the Disney Channel (which I think is CBS, but I can never remember for sure). Anyway, he goes to murders, conventions, hangs out of copters and most any big news story, He is sent to many sites some to name a few were Vietman, Mexico, etc. and was in London for the Beattles (never did know why), but, he won an OSCAR.

Some of you, if this is being read, know more about my youngest son or think you do, Lance AKA Glass Dog. He has moved back to San Francisco almost a year ago to start his own business. Which would still be thriving today, as he ended up with too much work and had to farm some of it out. And here is the But, no one realizs until they try to inocently want to no longer have a boss that the government jumps on your back. You must now prepay your taxes, file PAPERS and PAPERS. You no longer have health insurance and can't afford the lone coverage. You have to figure out how to get the slow paying customers to pay. Suddenly need an attorney and possibly advisers. Otherwise, it's peachy keen. So, you guessed it he took a job, a pretty damn good job, with benefits. The only draw back now is trying to hire more people so he doesn't need to work 12 hours.

As you can see, they are talented. I did that right. Love Mom