Thursday, November 09, 2000

Where have you been? Could make this an exotic vacation, but no... What with winter approaching fast, many things needed to be done outside. Cutting tree branches and bushes. Keeping the pool clean of many leaves, most of which where not mine. I do have a gardener, but that means the grass (which is small) is mowed and trimmed. and then the damn blower! I guess they're necessary, but after they leave I usually wash everything off as the dust just resettles elsewhere. Work work work. But, once again I must reiterate I am lucky as I do not live in an apartment. That would drive me nuts. I have really become a loner and would not wish to tolerate NOISE.

One day this week I thought what is all this noise. Usually it's very nice and quiet; even though I live very near a very busy fast food street and a main highway thru town. There were blowers, mowers, dogs barking, loud car stereos and the people who live in back of me seems to have a man that loves noise. He is usually power sawing, pounding loud enough to wake the dead and yelling at someone. Then in back of him are children screaming or they're playing horseshoes after midnight. Good thing I don't get to bed til 3 or 4am. I think I notice it more because most of the time it is very quiet and peaceful.

Another thing I'm not fond of is the wind. It never rains here until we have a real blow. Usually it's right after I've cleaned up the backyard and cleaned out the pool. At least it gives me something to do rather than sitting in front of the TV or PC all the time. The gardener does not do any of my backyard as there is no grass, just decking and potted plants. That's another job I've been doing. I thought it was going to be a simple job. The decking around the pool is concrete and all around the sides and back is a wooden decking that has been down long enough for the termites to eat away. Luckly it is only about a foot off the ground as I have put my foot thru several times. Some of them were easy to replace, but one area was eaten away where the boards were nailed to them. So, I had to pull up one whole section and have yet to redo it. I did use my spiral saw to cut up a LOT of wood to burn that could not be used again.

I have also been busy playing some of the free games on the NET trying to win a Tivo. As they don't give you many points, I've been playing everyday. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll win as, of course, there are many people in the run. But, it's kind of fun. There are also lots of games giving away money, not to me, of course. Oh, I forgot I did reveive a dollar and a very bright plastic watch. I'm not sure from where! Have you ever seen a year zoom by so fast? I sometimes wonder how on earth I got everything done when I was working and had 3