Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Well. it's one of those "you're not going to sleep". ,so why not get up and do something! I previously had written what a bad year this has been for me, nothing too bad happened, but so many things. I started a list for the first three months and after 20 decided to quit as it was too depressing. The latest--someone (I think most likely a pickup driven by a young male redneck) hit my car and did not leave a message. I didn't even notice it I'm guessing for at least a week. "He" must have backed into the right front-end and completely knocked off what I'll call the wing which is the exention of the front fender where the turn signal is. It's on the drivers side and when I get out of the car I walk around the back and when I return I again load the trunk and am not in view of the front. I take pretty good care of my car, as it will be my last. New tires, new paint job, no dings. It's an 81 Linc Mark VI, the last boxy car they made. Now they're all rounded and all look alike. I've had many people ask me about it, so you can see I was very upset when I saw it. Luckily my Ex works for an auto dealership in the parts dept. so he has secured a new one or maybe used I don't know as it will have to be painted, which will cost more than the part. There is no insurance coverage in the State of good old California for hit and run.

Now that was two weeks ago, now this Sunday my next door neighbor, who rents, I thought had dumped the old old padding from a rug next to my fence. I say my fence cause I paid and had it built on my property. I thought perhaps it had fallen off of the environmental bin we now have ( which would hold a good size man) onto my lawn. I dragged it back in front of her bin thinking she or her big black pickup boyfriend would put it in the bin. When I took my bin out that night for pickup it was again on my lawn, so I dragged it over and put it in my bin. I then scotch tapped a note to her side of the fence telling her I was sorry she had broken both arms and therefore I at 72 dragged it to my bin.

Then the neighbor on the other side came over when my ex was rebuilding the fence that blew down and told him she would pay for half. I waited 2 weeks after it was finished and nothing, so I informed her it cost less $65.00 and have never received a dime. Another neighbor in back was watering their back yard and mine to the point of saturation. I went around the block to ask if they would turn it down and they weren't even home. I again wrote a note and taped it to their door and asked them to please turn it down as the fence is 40 years old and I have it braced up and over watering would not help to keep it up. THEN the neighbor, who rents from his Mother was banging on the fence and when I asked him what he was doing, he said the fence had bulged out on the bottom. I had to tell him the same thing. Also informed him his brother that lived there before, who had a son that no doubt will be a deliquent had thrown rocks and dirt clods and toys into my pool. I know I sound like a shrew, but I keep my home and yard up all by myself and bother no one.

I do hope that next year the little black cloud will move on, I've been tested enough for awhile.